There’s something on my mind that I need to blog out of my system. However, it is currently 2:20 am here in Marysville, I just got home, and I’ve yet to shower! It may not be tonight, but definitely in the immediate future. ^_^

I don’t hate anyone, truly, I don’t. Unfortunately, I feel as if the “friendships” I have with a few people do nothing for me. It’s a horrible thing to say, I know, but that’s just how it is. It’s getting to the point where hanging out with them is becoming more of a burden than it is a joy. Some people respect a person’s space and need for growth, while others? Not so much. It’s unfortunate, too, how those people can’t handle a person’s decision in a mature and adult-like manner. Instead, they have to go on this tangent rant about your sudden “arrogant” nature and how you are a horrible friend; yackity-yack, blah, blah, blah. I’m not an impatient person, no. However, I’ve taken up a new attitude. It’s a bit snobby, but I’m through dealing with people that have no class! *sigh* This is life: you do what you have to do and just hope others will understand. And if they don’t, who gives a fuck, right?

It saddens me…

…to notice how people are treating me differentlynd honestly, it hurts to think that the people I call friends are turning their backs on me because they, essentially, haven’t grown up. Is it that uncomfortable to talk to me?

I’m not one of those girls who will stop talking to all of my guy, and girl, friends just because I have a boyfriend.

I’m not one of those little girls who spend every waking moment rambling on about their boyfriend.

I’m not a needy bitch.

I don’t understand how people could think this lowly of me either. I don’t believe in pushing people who I’ve known for years to the side because of some new “love interest” because to call this young man that is an insult. However, it almost makes me question and wonder, if I didn’t have a bf, would things go back to the way they were? I hate myself for thinking about this but I’m tired of those sleepless nights where I wonder what happened to the people I love? Did I do something wrong? Or is this just how life goes? I guess you meet and allow great people into your life and in a way, it’s enlightenment. One realizes and appreciates who the real people are as the fake ones fall by the wayside. It’s unfortunate but these people make a person stronger.

I’ve been let down but I’ll pick myself back up.

Misery loving company.

I’ve now realized that most of the people I have turned to for a shoulder to cry on aren’t the true friends I thought they were. Sure, it’s important to have that support system when you’ve hit rock bottom, but what about the other days? It’s as though no one cares that I’m happy. I only get feedback and looks of concern when I have something to complain about. Do you people really get off on that? This is my second post on this subject matter and well, it literally disgusts me at how poorly chosen a few of my friends are. All of a sudden it’s as though we’re competing to see who’s happier with their life. But to me, friendship knows no competition.

Lesson learned the hard way. Nice people? They’re for the birds.



I don’t understand how some people hold on to others rather than letting them go. They go through the agonizing pain of trying to make things work and in the process, there is this immense hatred growing between them. I believe in fighting for what you want and for the people you love but there is a point in which you have to be honest with yourself. 

In life, relationships and friendships will end, whether you want them to or not. It’s best to end things on a positive note. Then, when you look back on your time together, it’ll be memories worth remembering.

I have this overwhelming feeling of angst.

And I don’t know how to control it.

Some people

choose their significant other over their friends, not because they’re needy, but because they’ve been treated far better than anyone else has ever treated them. And in that moment, it’s no longer, “I’d rather hang out with my boyfriend/girlfriend instead of you” but, “He/she’s there for me more than you, my best friend, ever were.”

So much nudity and eroticism on my Dash,

thank you all for leaving me sexually frustrated. (==___==,)


tomorrow! Kind of nervous yet excited. Please, can I not be around snotty and boring people.

And keep my “nervous sweats” to a minimum. ==___== HAHA

Staying in this Friday evening.

6 months tomorrow!

This would be the first time I’ve ever gotten along so well and committed myself with a guy this long. I make it seem as though it’s the hardest thing in the world but it’s a huge contrast to who I was in high school. But I believe it’s important for people to be friends first before they jump into a relationship. >.< Even though I get to see him every other week at best, this young man is like a best friend to me and I wouldn’t trade him for a thing in this world.

SO! I’ve decided to make this little heart origami for him. Since we’re keeping our day simple, I thought this would be perfect. 

Cheers! xox

It’s only Wednesday,

and I’m already exhausted! 2 campuses, 5 classes-3 online, lunch dates all week, and meet-ups for selling my books. I started playing piano again and now I have a whole Shakespeare play to read by Tuesday. *Yawns* I think I’ll read a chapter in my Business Management book, brush up on some Nihongo, and then hit the hay. 

I hope you all are having a wonderful week!

Cheers!~ xox

I think I angered Austin a little before he went into work tonight. &gt;.&lt; This is the only thing that is keeping my anxiety at minimum level right now. -_-
Good night. ❤ ~*

I think I angered Austin a little before he went into work tonight. >.< This is the only thing that is keeping my anxiety at minimum level right now. -_-

Good night. ❤ ~*

Despite the disgusting humidity,

I made myself a “Green Tea and Soy Milk” drink. Soy milk, Japanese green tea, and some sugar. I’m not entirely sold on this “unique” taste but it’s a comforting drink to accompany me whilst I finish my Shakespeare reading for tomorrow’s class.

Cheers! xox

Sick. >.<

I have no idea wtf happened but I felt horrible the whole day. As soon as I got home from class, I took a couple pain killers and literally passed out. Now, 6 hours later, I’m still in pain with body aches.

I’m too young for this crap! (==__==)